About Diana Soline


Born (July 29, 1971) and raised in Moscow, Soviet Union. Immigrated to the USA at the age of 17.


My experience of life has been defined by a series of love relationships and the many places and cultures I happened to live in. I lived in five countries and several metropolises: Moscow, Kiev, Budapest, Boston, Manhattan, Minneapolis -St. Paul, Paris, Tahlequah, San Francisco, Los Angeles.


I received a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and worked in high tech industry in the Bay Area for 8 years.


In 2000, while living in Berkeley, CA I founded Women's Temple as a sanctuary for healing and Integration of Sexuality and Spirituality. I worked with women helping them heal their wounds and embrace pleasure as their birth right. I facilitated womens empowerment workshops in different states and Russia.


I started practicing yoga in my childhood, and since my twenties, Zen Buddhism as well as Taoism and Tantra.


I am an amateur musician, classically trained, piano and violin are my instruments. I love improvising in minimalism style on piano and Indian carnatic on violin.


I am a dancer - Contact Improvisation, 5Rythms, Soul Motion, Ecstatic dance, etc.


I started painting in oil in my thirties, mostly self taught. My main influences are Georgia O'Keeffe and Vincent Van Gogh.


I have been stuggling with depression and PTSD for most of my life.


I currently live in Bay Area, California.